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Mathematical Methods for Economists



  • The e-lecture can be found under the following link: and in Ilias.
  • A list of the contents of the e-lecture Mathematical Methods can be found here.
  • Organizational matters are discussed in the two live lectures at the beginning and end of the lecture period. The remaining dates essentially serve as a question and answer session for questions about the e-lecture and for further questions.
  • In addition to the e-lecture, the students are supposed to do electronic homework, which treat the contents of the lecture, on Ilias before attending the exercises. In the exercises, some more difficult mathematical problems are being discussed and the students are being prepared for the exam.
  • Furthermore, interactive tutorials are being offered. There, mathematical problems regarding the e-lecture are solved under students' guidance. The tutorials are being coached in small groups by advanced students.
  • The inspection of exams will probably take place one week before the start of the lecture or in the fifth week of the following term. Besides registering for the exam, you need to register to the inspection separately after the announcement of the results.
  • During the semester, you will receive further information in the live lecture/question time or by email via Ilias or Klips. Please make sure you are registered for the lecture there.


  • Textbook: Mathematische Methoden für Ökonomen von K. Mosler, R. Dyckerhoff und C. Scheicher, 3. Auflage, 2018, Springer, Berlin.
  • All information can be found in ILIAS. The registration to the course is done via KLIPS2.0