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Mathematical Methods for Economists


  • The e-lecture Mathematical Methods (Basismodul Mathematik) as of the new examination regulations (PO 2015) contains the lecture Mathematical Methods as of the old examination regulations (PO 2007). The differences will be explained during the lecture.
  • The e-lecture will be uploaded step-by-step and can be found under the following link:
  • A prep course for mathematical methods is held during the month before the start of lectures:

    • Further information on the times and rooms can be found here (Klips 2.0).
    • The timetable and contents is to be found here.
    • On the first day a voluntary selftest for rating your basic mathematical skills will take place. You can also download it here.
    • An older version is to be found here.

  • A list of the contents of the e-lecture (old examination regulations) can be found here. A list of the contents of the e-lecture Mathematical Methods (new examination regulations) can be found here.
  • In addition to the e-lecture exercises are offered. In the exercises mathematical problems are being discussed and solved. It is suggested that students prepare the tasks beforehand.
  • Small groups of interactive tutorials are being coached by advanced students.
  • Dates of exercises and tutorials can be found here.
  • During the semester further information will be distributed  via mail (through Ilias or Klips).


  • Textbook: Mathematische Methoden für Ökonomen von K. Mosler, R. Dyckerhoff und C. Scheicher, 3. Auflage, 2018, Springer, Berlin.
  • All information can be found in ILIAS. The registration to the course is done via KLIPS (PO2007) or alternatively KLIPS2 (PO2015).