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Bachelor Thesis

If you are interested in writing your bachelor thesis at our institute, please notice the following information.

The allocation of the bachelor thesis topics is done in the following way:

You fill in the application form (Link) and, together with your actual transcript of records and curriculum vitae, you either hand it in at the secretary of the chairs Liesenfeld/Wied (Ms. Christiane Schmiedl, WiSo-Erweiterungsbau, room 2.326) or send it via e-mail to dwied at It would be nice to see suggestions for a topic that fit to our research topics, but we also offer own topics. We try to consider your preferences and the central focus of your studies. Please notice that candidates who have already taken our specialisation Quantitative Methods in Economics and Social Sciences are preferred and will typically receive a topic. Students who have not taken our specialisation may also receive a topic. The requirement for our topics are usually based on the knowledge which are gained in the specialisation.  The time allowed for the completion of the thesis can be chosen by the students, as long as it is possible for the advisor, and takes a total of 12 weeks.

Master Thesis

If you are interested in writing your master thesis at our institute, please contact a potential supervisor.