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Research Seminar - Summer term 2022


Subject of the lecture
03.05.2022, 4 pm Prof. Dr. Arturas Juodis
(University of Amsterdam)
This Shock is Different: Estimation and Inference in Misspecified Two-Way Fixed Effects Regressions S241, WiSo-Extension Building
10.05.2022, 4 pm Dr. Rouven E. Haschka
(University of Cologne)
Estimating Fixed Effects Stochastic Frontier Panel Models Under `Wrong’ Skewness S241, WiSo-Extension Building

17.05.2022, 4 pm


Prof. Dr. Hans Manner
(University of Graz)

Testing the equality of changepoints


S241, WiSo-Extension Building
31.05.2022, 4 pm Mustafa Kilinc
(WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management)
Finite sample behaviour of the modified conditional sum of squares estimator for fractionally integrated models

S241, WiSo-Extension Building

14.06.2022, 4 pm Philipp Buschmann
(University of Cologne)

Cost-Sensitive Logistic Regression Models: An Application To Bankruptcy Prediction

S243, WiSo-Extension Building

21.06.2022, 4 pm


Prof. Dr. Rolf Tschernig
(University of Regensburg)
Determining the number of factors in fractionally integrated factor models S241, WiSo-Extension Building
28.06.2022, 4 pm Prof. Dr. Fabian Krüger
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Score-based calibration testing for multivariate forecast distributions S241, WiSo-Extension Building

05.07.2022, 4 pm


Dr. Alexander Mayer (University of Cologne) Two-step estimation in linear regressions with adaptive learning
S241, WiSo-Extension Building
12.07.2022, 4 pm Prof. Daniel Gutknecht (University of Frankfurt am Main) Conditional Quantile Coverage: an Application to Growth-at-Risk
S241, WiSo-Extension Building