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Themen von zu vergebenen Abschlussarbeiten

  • Identifying Micro-Level Supply and Demand Shocks Using Scanner Data: An Independence-Based SVAR Analysis (mit Dr. Rouven Haschka)
  • Unravelling Spatial Patterns and Regional Spillovers in Marketing Demand Models: A Bayesian Geoadditive Approach (mit Dr. Rouven Haschka)
  • How Likely are Insolvencies of (German) Companies?
  • Do we Need the Assumption of Linearity in the Gauss-Markov Theorem? (literature review)
  • Estimation of Factor Copula Models Based on Characteristic Functions (and other topics on factor copula models)
  • Handling Endogeneity with Rank-Based Transformations
  • How to Detect Cheating in Chess Games?