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Discussion Papers in Statistics and Econometrics

Here is a list of our discussion papers. Some of the papers are not available electronically; so if you would like to get copies of those or if there are any other problems concerning the transfer please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or email.

The papers are mostly in PDF (Acrobat Reader 4.0) or PostScript format. If you are interested in other formats please let us know.

  • No. 02/14
    Nowak, D. and Scheicher, C.
    Considering the Extremely Poor – Multidimensional Poverty Measurement for Germany
    A revised version is forthcoming in Social Indicators Research, DOI 10.1007/s11205-016-1365-7. Available as 'Online First'.

  • No. 05/10
    Frahm, G., Wickern, T. und Wiechers, C.
    Multiple Tests for the Performance of Different Investment Strategie
    June 2010
    Forthcoming in AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis.
    DOI 10.1007/s10182-011-0166-1. The publication is available at http://www.springerlink.com.

  • No. 08/07
    Bomsdorf, Eckart; Babel, Bernhard
    Future life expectancy in the G7 countries. May men live longer than women?
    November 2007

  • No. 04/07
    Scheicher, Christoph
    Does work always pay in Germany?
    June 2007
    published in: German Economic Review 11 (2010), 266 - 277.

  • No. 03/06
    Babel, Bernhard; Bomsdorf, Eckart; Schmidt, Rafael
    Future trends and dynamics of the occurence of Down's Syndrome and Stillbirths
    June 2006

  • No. 01/05
    Kosater, Peter; Mosler, Karl
    Can Markov-regime switching models improve power price forecasts? Evidence from German daily power prices
    April 2005
    published in: Applied Energy 83(9) (2006) 943-958.

  • No. 04/00
    Barth, Wolfgang; Trede, Mark
    Produkt- und zielgruppenspezifische Ertragspotenzialrechnungen: Konzeptionen und Implikationen für das Marketing im Girogeschäft
    December 2000
    published in: Bank-Archiv 50 (2002), 97-105.

  • No. 02/97
    Mark Trede
    Making Mobility Visible: A Graphical Device
    July 1997
    published in: Economics Letters 59 (1998) 77-82.

  • No. 06/96
    Eurich Andreas, Stich Andreas, Weidenfeld Gerd
    Die Entwicklung der Anbieterkonzentration auf dem deutschen Erstversicherungsmarkt von 1991 bis 1994
    September 1996
    published in: Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft 67 (1997) 1093-1110.

  • No. 03/96
    Friedrich Schmid, Mark Trede
    A Kolmogorov-Type Test for Second Order Stochastic Dominance
    April 1996
    published in: Statistics and Probability Letters 37 (1998) 183-193.

  • No. 01/96
    Wolfgang Barth, Eckart Bomsdorf
    Besteht Long Memory in Devisenkursen? - Eine semiparametrische Analyse
    January 1996
    published in: Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv 81 (1997) 158-175.

  • No. 07/95
    Gleb A. Koshevoy, Karl Mosler
    Multivariate Gini Indices
    June 1995
    published in: Journal of Multivariate Analysis 60 (1997) 252-276.

  • No. 06/95
    Klaus Brachmann, Andreas Stich, Mark Trede
    Evaluating Parametric Income Distribution Models
    June 1995
    published in: Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv 80 (1996) 285-298.

  • No. 04/95
    Friedrich Schmid, Mark Trede
    Testing for Stochastic Dominance in Either Direction
    February 1995
    published in: Computational Statistics 11 (1996) 165-173.

  • No. 03/95
    Eckart Bomsdorf
    Ein alternatives Modell zur Reform des Einkommensteuertarifs
    January 1995

  • No. 01/95
    Mark Trede
    The Age-Profile of Earnings Mobility: Statistical Inference of Conditional Kernel Density Estimates
    January 1995
    published in: Journal of Applied Econometrics, 13 (1998) 397-409.

  • No. 12/94
    Burkhard Heer, Mark Trede, Mark Wahrenburg
    The Effect of Option Trading at the DTB on the Underlying Stocks Return Variance
    December 1994
    published in: Empirical Economics 22 (1997) 233-245.

  • No. 11/94
    Friedrich Schmid, Mark Trede
    Testing for First Order Stochastic Dominance: A New Distribution Free Test
    published in: The Statistician 45 (1996) 371-380.

  • No. 05/94
    Eckart Bomsdorf
    Allgemeine Sterbetafeln 1986/88 fuer die Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Allgemeine Sterbetafeln 1986/87 fuer die DDR - ein Vergleich
    Dezember 1994

  • No. 04/94
    Mark Trede
    Statistical Inference in Mobility Measurement: Sex Differences in Earnings Mobility
    April 1994
    published in: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 218 (1999) 473-490.