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Submitted Papers

  1. Michaelis, P., Klein, N. and Kneib, T. (2017)
    Mixed Discrete-Continuous Regression - A Novel Approach Based on Weight Functions.
  2. Mascarenhas, A., Marques, F., Silva, S., Gouveia, S., Alves, M., Virella, D., Papoila, A. L., Kneib, T., Klein, N. and Neto, M. T. (2017)
    Determinants of the Variability of Oxygen Saturation during the First Minutes of Life of Term Neonates.
  3. Ríos-Pena, L., Kneib, T., Cadarso-Suarez, C., Klein, N. and Marey-Pérez, M. (2017)
    Studying the Occurrence and Burnt Area of Wildfires using Zero-One-Inflated Structured Additive Beta Regression.
  4. Klein, N., Malzahn, D., Rosenberger, A., Lozano-Kühne, J., Kneib, T. and Bickeböller, H. (2016)
    Candidate gene association analysis for a continuous phenotype with a spike at zero using parent-offspring trios.
  5. Klein, N. and Kneib, T. (2016)
    New Notion of Bivariate Quantiles based on the Cumulative Distribution Function.
  6. Oelker, M. R., Sobotka, F., Klein, N. and Kneib, T. (2014)
    Semiparametric Mode Regression.
  7. Klein, N., Kneib, T. and Lang, S. (2013)
    Bayesian Structured Additive Distributional Regression.